UPDATE: Illegal power supply may have caused Vigilance fire


By Leroy Smith

Bianka Sancho of South Vigilance Squatting area, East Coast Demerara died this morning after the home she shared with her other siblings and parents went up in flames.

The fire which was suspected to be electrical in origin completely destroyed the house which was not receiving a reliable or legal source of electricity supply.

Persons in the area told the News Room that the fire began at approximately 07:00 hrs while the family was still in bed amidst high winds and intermediate showers.

After persons in neighbouring houses began smelling smoke and decided to investigate, they observed that it was the house of the Sancho’s which was in danger.


However the mother and two other children along with a baby, who is a just a few months old managed to escape the burning building. The thick smoke and fire which was fuelled by the wind prevented them from saving the three-year-old girl who also attempted to get out of the building.

The family has been living at the location for some three years now and moved there after the parents got married. They previously lived in Buxton, a few villages away.

The matter is now the subject of a police investigation and the News Room has been informed that the Child Care and Protection Agency is also investigating the condition under which the children lived.


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