Cabinet adjustment positive; Norton move advantageous to Social Cohesion- Pres. Granger


President David Granger has confirmed the adjustments to his Cabinet describing the changes as a positive move that is prudent and timely.

The President in an interview distributed by his Ministry moments ago put forth his new plan for the Cabinet and clarified his decision to shift these ministers.

To head up the Ministry of Social Cohesion will be Dr George Norton, who since the Coalition Government took office served as Minister of Public Health. This advantageous move President Granger says will help to counter the criticism of the Government’s current efforts to achieve national unity and social cohesion given Dr Norton’s deep knowledge of the Hinterland.

“When we look at social cohesion we’re not just speaking about Africans, Indians, we’re not speaking about the ethnic problem or the religious problem, we also have to look at the spatial dimension and I felt that he had an advantage in his knowledge of the hinterland” the President explained.

According to the President, when Dr Norton, joined the Partnership he came as the leader of the Guyana Organisation of Indigenous People, will provide critical support to closing the gap between the hinterland and coastland. “In the run up to local government elections and future developments I feel that his contribution will be critical to bring about social cohesion” he said.

At the Ministry of Public Health, Minister Volda Lawrence will take up the leadership reins to tackle the management problems there. “Largely it’s a management problem in terms of materials and human resources and the delivery of services to the various regions of Guyana and I believe she will be ideally suited to that Ministry.”

The shifts also come as the President says as a result of the criticism of the Ministry of Public Health last year which began to detract from the performance of the Cabinet as a whole. “I thought it prudent and timely to make the adjustments at the beginning of this year.”

Replacing Minister Volda Lawrence at the Ministry of Social Protection is Amna Ally. President Granger says he is confident in Ms Ally’s ability. Her ability to interact with people and her knowledge of the problems affecting poor people will supplement the work that has been done by Minister Volda Lawrence.

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