Cabinet grants ‘no objections’ to security, infrastructural and health contracts


(Ministry of the Presidency)

Cabinet at its meeting on Friday, December 30, 2016, granted its ‘no objection’ to contracts within various Ministries and Government agencies in the areas of infrastructural development, security and public health.

Contract details Agency awarded to Amount ($)
The construction of a new multi-floor office building for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


BK International Incorporated G$ 235,414,217.00
Construction of a community centre ground and pavilion at Barakara, Canjie River, Region Six


Builder’s Hardware and
General Supplies



G$ 37,928,737.00
Construction of roads in New Amsterdam, Region Six


B J Civil Works G$ 45,230,609.00
Upgrade the electrical system, supply and install generator and CCTV cameras at the Camp Street Prison


Gharbaran Construction Limited



G$ 110,943,800.00
Construction of a perimeter fence at the derelict vehicles site at Kuru Kururu, Linden/Soesdyke Highway


Khemraj Nauth Contracting Incorporated Services G$ 52,073,370.00
Procurement of equipment for the special projects unit for the Ministry of Public Infrastructure in two lots:


Lot 1- One Howo 4×4 all-wheel drive truck with 22 metre mounted boom


Lot 2 – One mettle Toledo weigh-in motion system




Blacktop Construction Limited



Nev Pro Realization Limited



US$ 98,410.00



US$ 345,000.00



Contract details Agency awarded to Amount ($)
Supply of plastic waste collection bins for the Ministry of Communities in four lots:


Lot 1 –   1200 – 50 litre bins



Lot 2 – 600 – 120 litre bins


Lot 3 – 300 – 240 litre bins


Lot 4 – 180 – 660 litre bins




David Persaud Investments LimitedMeditron Incorporated


The Hardware Depot


S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies



G$ 3,278,160.00



G$ 3,000,000.00


G$ 3,000,000.00


G$ 6,300,000.00

Procurement of tractors for the Ministry of Communities General Equipment (Guyana) Limited


G$ 1,500,000.00
Rehabilitation of Vigilance South Main Access Road and Graham Street, Plaisance, Region Four


Handel Garnett Construction Firm G$ 2,003,915.00
Provision of consultancy services to conduct prison survey (data collection) for the Ministry of Public Security


University of Guyana



G$ 15,322,300.00
Provision of consultancy services to conduct prison survey (data analysis) for the Ministry of Public Security


Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero of Argentina US$ 84,870.00
Procurement of vaccines and syringes for maternal child health Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) US$ 102,674.00
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