Rainfall anticipated over the next four days


Continuous precipitation anticipated for the next four days, according to the National Weather Watch Center.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture’s weather watch centre, an upper-level trough and the Sub-tropical Jet are currently affecting and will continue to affect Guyana during the next few days. As a result, weather conditions are likely to deteriorate.

The Subtropical jet stream is a belt of strong upper-level winds lying above regions of subtropical high/where atmospheric pressure located over the ocean is between 20° and 40° of latitude).

Associated weather: All Regions are likely to experience cloudy to overcast skies. Regions 1 to 6 can expect these conditions to be accompanied by predominantly light to moderate continuous rain and showers; however, downpours may become heavy at times. Precipitation is expected to be less intense over all other locations.

Twenty-four hours accumulated rainfall amounts are expected to be between 40 mm and 80 mm on Wednesday and Friday and in excess of 100 mm is likely on Thursday. The highest rainfall is expected to occur over Regions 2 to 5.

Possible effects of Weather: Recent and forecasted weather conditions coupled with the high tides, may cause water accumulation/flooding in poorly drained, low-lying and riverine areas.

The National Weather Watch Center says it will continue to closely monitor this event and will issue bulletins as the need arises.

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