Minibus Union wants government to reverse the ban on used tyres


Government’s ban on used tyres which is slated for implementation from April 01, 2017, should be reversed according to the United Minibus Union.

“I’ll be honest with you, is that the banning of used tyres it was mentioned that it should come about around the 1st of April, we are hoping that sometime between now and the First of April there is a reversal of such decision cause it’s going to be very traumatic for all stakeholders,” President of the Union, Eon Andrews told News Room in an exclusive interview.

He told News Room that the Union does not support the decision to ban used tyres and it’s a positon shared with the Used Tyres Association following recent discussions between the two bodies since they were never consulted by the present administration.

Andrews anticipates that some minibus operators may eventually have to stop the trade which for many is their only source of income.

“It is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and it’s a serious investment so basically, I think that when these kinds of decision are made, when they are so many stakeholders are to be affected, adversely as far as we are concerned there should have been some stakeholders forum discussion and working together to see how we can work it out” he added.

The Minibus Union President is calling for better monitoring of used tyres on the local market as the way forward if the argument of it causing accidents is going to be touted.

Andrews said, “I would like them to reconsider the decision before coming to a final decision that will not involve the banning of used tyre, we are not agreeing with that, we don’t think this should be banned.”

It was during Finance Minister, Winston Jordon’s 2017 budget presentation that he announced that there will be a restriction on the importation of used tyres for motor cars, vans, pickups, SUV’s, and mini-buses, with effect from April 1.

However, the Minister clarified that those vehicles which are imported into the country after April 1 will be required to be fitted with new tyres along with the spare.

Minister Jordon said there will also be a phase out period for existing stocks of used tyres which government will allow. Used tyres that have been ordered and shipped will be allowed a period of three months to have these orders completed he also said.

The Customs duty on new tyres will also be reduced from 30% to 15% in keeping with the complete phase out of used tyres.

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