City Budget to be presented to public before month end


The general public along with members of the government and civil society before the end of the month will be given an opportunity to hear all the plans and projects for the Mayor and City Council this year.

It was last month the Mayor Patricia Chase-Green led council was presented with the $3.7B budget for 2017 as the media was blocked from covering the discussions.

Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan would have confirmed with News Room then that the projected deficit of the Mayor and City Council’s budget stands at $807M.

There were also concerns about Councillors being given the final draft of the thick printed document some two days ago last month’s presentation.

Town Clerk, Royston King would have stated publically that in the areas of Solid Waste Management, the Council is budgeting a greater percentage of its resources to improve its ability to assist in the collection and disposal of waste, to expand this service to other areas including Sophia, and to design a more integrated system to manage the city’s waste.

Another area the council may examine is that of GAP financing which should tap into how City Hall can access more grants and increase donor funding.

However, City Hall is yet to determine how additional monies will be placed to offset expenses such as private contractors, the Guyana Power and Light along with the National Insurance Scheme, all of whom the council continues to owe.

The budget was presented to the 30-member city council under the theme budget 2017, revitalising local communities in the context of a green economy.

Some Councillors have even described the new budget as being no different from the 2015 budget.

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