RHTY&SC launches 2017 with donation to Berbice umpires


The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC), M.S, planned calendar of 400-450 programmes activities for the year 2017 was launched on New Year’s Day with a donation to the Berbice Cricket Umpires Association (BCUA).

The Club donated 12 Umpires Polo tee-shirts, trophies, medals and other items to the BCUA to assist the organisation to fulfil its mandate mandate in 2017 and lift the level of cricket in the Ancient County.

Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster, stated that the Club has always enjoyed a cordial relationship with almost every cricketing organisation in the Ancient County and has played a major role in assisting them to develop as the RHTY&SC, M.S, was committed to lifting the event of Berbice cricket to a higher level.

BCUA Secretary/CEO Moses Ramphal (right) inducts Hilbert Foster as an Honourary Member

The donation was approved by the Executive Committee of the Club after a formal request was made by the President of the BCUA, Joseph Simon. The Polo tee-shirts would assist the umpires to be properly uniformed in matches, while the medals and trophies would be used to honour outstanding umpires at an award ceremony.

The other items are to be used at the annual umpires social. The long serving Secretary/CEO hailed the Berbice umpires as one of the pillars of Berbice cricket and noted that over the years they have played a major role in making sure that the true tradition of the game is maintained.

Foster urged the umpires to uphold their professional standard and never allow bad judgement. All cricket clubs, he stated, expect umpires to be unbiased and fair and noted that bad umpiring decisions can change the course of a game and even force people to quit the game completely.

President of the BCUA, Joseph Simon, expressed gratitude to the RHTY&SC, M.S, for the timely contribution and stated that the Club over the years has assisted the Association on a regular basis.

The RHTY&SC, he noted, is committed to the development of Berbice cricket and has never sought to influence professionalism of umpires. Simon also noted that the RHTY&SC organises numerous cricket tournaments every year and not only are umpires well reimbursed, but are paid in advance.

In recognition of Foster’s contribution to the development umpiring in Berbice, the BCUA inducted the RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster, as an Honourary Member. Foster stated that he was honoured and humbled to become an Honourary Member of such a well-respected organisation and pledged his full cooperation towards lifting the standard of umpiring in Berbice.

He also committed the RHTY&SC, M.S, to assist the BCUA more during the course of the year with the Berbice Cricket Board being unable to fulfil its mandate, due to an injunction. Foster stated that the RHTY&SC, M.S, would strive to assist cricket clubs as much as possible and also arrange tournaments at the junior and senior levels so that new talents can be unearthed.

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