Lit car causes house to go up in flames leaving elderly couple homeless


By Royan Abrams

A Corentyne man is presently in police custody assisting with investigations in connection with a fire which was set to a motor car which eventually spread to a house burning it to the ground on Friday January 6, 2016.

News Room understands that 21 –year- old Vakanand Dhanraj of #51 Village Corentyne who is the son of the two occupants of the home was arrested by police moments after the fire and admitted to committing the act.

According to information received, the suspect and his father had consumed alcohol earlier in the day.

This publication was told that the suspect, his mother and father travelled to Rose Hall Town on the Corentyne and while they were returning home the suspect was misbehaving  resulting in an argument between him and his parents.

News Room was informed that following their arrival home at #59 Village on the Corentyne, the suspect’s mother decided to stay at a relative who lives a few houses away in the same area leaving her son and his father alone at home. However it is unclear what transpired between the two at the house but eyewitnesses disclosed that they saw the suspect dragging his intoxicated father out of the yard.

An eyewitness who asked for her identity to be withheld recalled seeing smoke coming from a motor car which was parked underneath the house and alarmed other villagers, who refused to help after seeing the suspect’s father lying on the ground as if he was dead.

However moments later the entire car was engulfed in flames and the Guyana Fire Service was called in but before they arrived on the scene, the fire had already spread to the house and that too was completely engulfed in flames.

Neighbours were unable to save anything from the building.

Investigations are ongoing.





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