Trotman invokes Standing Order 44 to shut down debate on Income Tax (Amendment) Bill while MP Nandlall was advancing arguments


Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman tonight in the National Assembly shut down the debate on the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill 2016 while Opposition Member of Parliament, Anil Nandlall was advancing his arguments.

Minister Trotman rose to invoke Standing Order 44, since according to him the Opposition MP was merely being repetitive in his arguments. This move was supported by Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson.

Standing Order 44 titled “Closure of Debate” states that “after a question has been proposed any Member may at any time during the course of debate rise in his or her place and move “That the question be now put” and unless it appears to the Chair that motion is an abuse of the rules of the Assembly or an infringement of the rights of the minority, the question “That the question be now put” shall be put forthwith. No debate on that motion shall be allowed, and if the motion is carried, the debate then before the Assembly shall cease and the question before the Assembly shall be put forthwith.”

MP Nandlall was asked to wrap up his presentation within two minutes by Speaker of the House, Dr. Barton Scotland.

Earlier in the night Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo had moved a motion for the House to conclude its work at midnight.

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