Youth through merits can rise to the “Top of the Party…into Government”-Jagdeo


Newly elected, Peoples Progressive Party General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo says he has one task to fulfill in as the new party leader, to work hard every day with team by his side.

Freedom House, PPP Headquarters

“I need the support of all the people in here to make the party stronger, more attractive to people, more focused on national development, a Party that gives young people hope that they can come in here and through merits rise to the top of the Party, into Government too” Jagdeo said in an invited comment late this afternoon (Saturday January 7, 2017).

Added to this, he says he also plan to showcase the depth of his party during his term as G.S. “We have experienced leaders, older leaders but we also have (a) huge number of professionals who sometimes people don’t see” Jagdeo stated.

This will include more grassroot work and the strengthening of party groups while at the same time de-centralising the Party which will give more autonomy to the Regions, a point Jagdeo raised during his presentation at Congress last month.

Clement Rohee, Outgoing General Secretary

Regarding the incumbent and his decision to sit out the election, Mr Jagdeo says “we must be thank Rohee for the valuable contribution he has made to our Party.”

Clement Rohee, opted not to run in today’s election and instead nominated and backed “a younger candidate”, Dr Frank Anthony.

Dr Anthony in the race for General Secretary would have reportedly secured 11 of the 35 votes needed to win the post.

“In my view I thought it would be better for me as an older person to step aside and give a younger person an opportunity to be the General Secretary of the Party” Rohee said.

Meantime, in response to questions about him returning as the Party’s Presidential Candidate for the 2020 polls, Jagdeo responded that there is no candidate at this time but “when the time comes the Party will choose the best person, I have faith in this Party that will take us to victory at that time.” It is at this time he says the media will hear from him.

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