Mixture of youth, experience, gender & ethnicity constitutes new PPP Central Committee


A new Central Committee was elected at the People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) Congress and reflects a mixture of youth, experience, gender, ethnicity and for the first time, boasted a high presence from the hinterland communities.

Consequent upon the Congress and in accordance with the Party’s Constitution, today (Saturday January 7, 2017) the Party held its first post-Congress Central Committee meeting. At this Central Committee meeting, at an elections held by secret ballot a new General Secretary was elected. There were two contestants for that position: Comrade Bharrat Jagdeo and Comrade Frank Anthony. Jagdeo was elected the new General Secretary.


The Central Committee also elected the following Secretaries:

1)      Zulfikar Mustapha – Executive Secretary

2)      Irfaan Ali – Finance Secretary

3)      Anil Nandlall – Public Relations

4)      Hydar Ally – Education

5)      Bheri Ramsarran – International Relations

6)      Gail Teixeira – Mass Oganisation

7)      Rick Ramraj – Organising Secretary

8)      Nigel Dharamlall – Trade Union

Another highlight of the meeting was the election of the new Executive Committee of the Party. The following persons were elected to the Executive Committee as follows:

1)      Anil Nandlall- 28 votes

2)      Clement Rohee- 26 votes

3)      Irfaan Ali- 25 votes

4)      Roger Luncheon- 25 votes

5)      Gail Teixeira -25 votes

6)      Zulfikar Mustapha- 24 votes

7)      Donald Ramotar-23 votes

8)      Frank Anthony-22 votes

9)      Neil Kumar-22 votes

10)   Shyam Nokta-22 votes

11)   Clinton Collymore-21 votes

12)   Collin Croal-21 votes

13)   Dharamkumar Seeraj- 21

14)   Pauline Sukhai- 21

15)   Bheri Ramsaran-20

The following persons were elected to the Executive Committee as candidate members:

1)      Vickram Bharat

2)      Nigel Dharamlall

3)      Fizal Jaffarally

The PPP says among the various vital decisions made at its December 2016 31st Congress was the unanimous resolution that the Party will work fervently to resume the seat of government at the next General and Regional elections in order to continue the task of nation building and to arrest the downward slide into which our country is descending.



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