GT Motorsports’ ‘Endurance Rental Cup’ set for January 25


Go-kart fanatics are gearing up for the first-ever ‘Endurance Rental Cup’ to be staged by GT Motorsports on January 25 at the go-kart facility at Albert Street and Thomas Lands in Georgetown. Already, interest is high among the karters and strong rivalry is expected.

Since its inauguration late last year, the go-karting activity put on by GT Motorsports has attracted quite a following with racers and patrons flocking the track, which was recently refurbished.

Although the participants have engaged in friendly rivalry thus far, GT Motorsports will on January 25 host its first-ever structured competition dubbed ‘Endurance Rental Cup’, with action set to speed off at 19:00h.

The activity is open to all rental racers, with the minimum age requirement being 10 years old.

According to the rules, as set out by GT Motorsports and which can be found on its Facebook page, a team is required to have three drivers, who must have a combined weight of 480 pounds minimum.

All karts will be fitted with new tyres at the start of the race, and trophies will be given to all the divers in the top three finishing teams.

According to GT Motorsports, the race winner will be determined by the team which crosses the finish line first with the maximum number of laps in an hour, and not by the lap time as was done in the rental sessions.

The entrance fee per driver is G$20,000 and registration can be done by posting an inbox message on GT Motorsports Facebook page. Teams that are sponsored by corporate entities are advised to relate such during registration so their names and logos can be listed.

Further details can be had from GT Motorsports’ Facebook page.

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