N.A. man remanded for attempting to kill girlfriend and her mother; Duo remains hospitalised


By Royan Abrams

An Angoy’s Avenue New Amsterdam Berbice man has been remanded to prison when he appeared at the Springlands Magistrates Court today (Monday, January 08, 2017) for attempting to kill his former girlfriend and her mother on Christmas Eve night and assaulting another female at #70 Village Corentyne Berbice.

34-year-old Shamar Ali Mohamed was not required to plead to the two counts of attempted murder but pleaded not guilty to the assault causing actual bodily harm when the charges were read to him by magistrate Rabindranauth Singh.

23-year-old Bhartie Udho, mother 44-year-old Amika Udho

The court heard that on the night of December 24, 2016, at #70 Village, the accused with intent to commit a murder, chopped 23-year-old Bhartie Udho severing her left hand. Additionally, he was charged with intent to commit a murder of

Additionally, he was charged with intent to commit a murder of Bhartie’s mother, 44-year-old Amika Udho who received several chops about her body from the accused. Mohamed was also charged with assault causing actual bodily harm which he committed against Alicia Ali.

Mohamed was also charged with assault causing actual bodily harm which he committed against Alicia Ali.

Following the incident, News Room reported that the family who secured a restraining order from the court preventing the suspect from coming within a certain distance of the family members, were heading for a Christmas Eve Night walk when the man jumped out of the nearby bushes and attacked them.

“While walking not too far from home, this man that name ‘crab man’ suddenly come out of the bush and take a rope and throw it around my sister’s neck and pull her down to the ground. he put his knees on her and then take out a cutlass and starts chopping at my sister and two brothers, me and mother” the victim’s 18-year-old sister explained via a phone interview.

She said that it was during the assault her mother suffered injuries as she attempted to rescue her daughter from the man who seemed to be under the influence of some form of drug.

As the incident took place, the family screamed for help but persons in the community were hesitant as they were afraid of vicious dogs which normally roam the streets. Added to that, it was communicated to this News outlet that the community also experienced a murder some time back and that has added to the fear residents exhibit.

34-year-old Shamar Ali Mohamed


It took some time before the father and the 15-year-old girl who was not at the scene prior, rushed to the aid of the other family members and it was at that point that the suspect also attacked them before fleeing into the nearby bushes.

The injured women were picked up and rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where doctors there transferred them to the New Amsterdam Hospital which in turn transferred them to the Georgetown Public Hospital where they are currently being treated.

The accused who is a hire car driver was represented in court by an attorney who made an application for bail in relation to the charge for assault causing actual bodily harm. He told the court that his client who police said was evading them, was not aware that he was wanted by the police. However, police prosecutor, Dehard Browne objected to bail noting that the matters before the court against the accused are serious and that two of the victims are still hospitalised.

The prosecutor also disclosed that Mohamed is a flight risk since he has been evading the police ever since he committed the act and that he is likely to face other charges.

After hearing the case, the magistrate refused bail and the accused is expected to return to court on January 26, 2017.

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