Smart City Solutions likely to address Teachers’ parking concerns


By Mark Murray

Smart City Solutions (SCS) is making it known that any concerns about the project and its likely impact will only be addressed in partnership with the Georgetown Mayor and City Council. Council.

One such concern is that expressed by the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) in relation to parking meters being placed around schools. Last week, the GTU described the meters as an additional financial burden on its members. The Union’s General Secretary said schools are already limited with space for students to have recreational activities much less parking for teachers.

The Company’s Global Head of Business Development, Amir Oren told News Room that addressing such concerns is not a decision of the company he represents. He said if such a dialogue is to happen then it will be done in collaboration with the City, but it’s a matter that will be brought to the attention of City Hall.

“It is something that we will speak with them about and I am sure we will come up with the right solution that balances all the needs of not only the Teachers but the city and all the stakeholders, that I have always said. And just like the teachers as one constituency we are gonna be discussing with them and finalising our plans as well for the businesses over the next week or so” Oren said.

Meanwhile, the Company’s Global Head of Business Development said they are still on track to roll out the 157 parking meters even after being compromised by the current rainy weather.

“So we are gonna start our full on project in two weeks from today and the cards themselves is gonna be available in stores several days before then and we will have a list of all the stores where they will be available and posted on our website, we are going to be advertising them on the radio, in social media, it will be a very ubiquitous” he said.

From now until January 23, 2017, Smart City Solutions plans to have its educational period in order to make citizens aware of how the parking meter works says, Oren.

He outlined that“…people are asking us, how it works, they asking how the parking card works, asking what happens what are the conveniences we will have, what they will do with their time, if they can park in one space and if they can reuse the time in other spaces, things along those lines”

Vehicles owners will now be required to pay $50 for every 15 minutes of parking with a maximum purchase time of up to six hours daily.

The meters will be installed within the areas of Camp to Water Streets and from Quamina to Hadfield Streets.

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