GFF makes monetary donation to Lanferman


The Guyana Football Federation Inc. (GFF) has made a monetary contribution to injured national and Alpha United FC player, Delon Lanferman, on Tuesday. This donation was done by the President of the GFF, Wayne Forde, to the player at the Boardroom of the GFF.

According to the sister of the injured player, who accompanied him to the Federation, Marcia Lanferman, she is happy for the donation. “I feel thankful for the donation because it will help him a lot with medication…” She related that while her brother has been discharged from the hospital and his condition is listed as stable, he is experiencing high temperature at night and thus he will visit a private medical institution for further analysis. 

She is however thankful that no major body part was damaged during the attack, which occurred on December 31, duration an altercation with another in Stabroek Square and is hopeful for a speedy and complete recovery to enable the young footballer to return to the game he loves. She is also hopeful for the swift arrest of the perpetrator. 

Forde, in brief comments, expressed the Federation’s pleasure to be of assistance to the footballer and extended best wishes for a speedy recovery on behalf of the football fraternity. He expressed hope that the player receives the necessary support from his colleagues and the fraternity in his recovery process. 

According to press reports, Lanferman was accused of throwing a firecracker at a man on Old Year’s Night when the accuser violently retaliated by stabbing him. He was hospitalised but later released.  

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