Fines; other action to be taken against those who abandon vehicles at the roadside



By Royan Abrams

Abandoned vehicles on the road shoulders has for many years been a concern for road users specifically especially in Region Six, East Berbice/Corentyne and now the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDC) in the region are being called on to take strict action to have this issue addressed.

Several drivers have raised the issue with the News Room noting that something must be done to rid the road shoulders of derelict motor cars, combine harvesters, bulldozers and tractors and trailers that are left on the road shoulders by residents. It was noted to that on several occasions, the abandoned vehicles have played a role in fatal accidents.

One driver who asked for his identity to be withheld disclosed that, “These vehicles pose a major threat to other road users, particularly motorists, who may have to take their vehicles off the road and onto the shoulders in an emergency, if a stray animal make a sudden dash out on the public road and I gah swerve onto the road shoulder, you in see I gone crash into these things, it’s wrong man”.

When contacted, the representative of the Prime Minister in Region Six, Gobin Harbhajan, disclosed that he had recently discussed this situation with a number of NDCs in the region. He said the situation is an age-old problem, and that many lives have been lost as a result of drivers colliding with abandoned vehicles, which occur when motorists are forced off the road in emergency situations.

Harbhajan pointed out to the NDCs that, apart from being a road safety hazard, the abandoned vehicles give the villages an unsightly appearance. He added the Office of the Prime Minister is concerned about the apparent lack of will in dealing with the problem and are calling on the owners of these vehicles to place them where they do not pose danger to road users.

News Room was told that 95% of farmers have a second and third lot where they can place their abandoned or farming machinery but after being allowed to use the roads’ shoulders for years, they continued to do so despite numerous complaints by road users on the danger these vehicles are posing to them. News Room was also informed that a fine will soon be implemented if farmers refuse to remove the equipment from the roads’ shoulders.

Some of the areas on the Corentyne highway where abandoned vehicles and also vehicles being parked for long hours include #19 village, Crabwood Creek, Nurney Village, #52 Village and other rice cultivated area long the Corentyne Highway.


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