OPINION: Hutson projected to remain AAG head


Says Treiston Joseph

Similarly to the re-election of K.A. Juman Yassin to the presidency of the Guyana Olympic Association, Aubrey Hutson will continue as president of the Athletics Association of Guyana simply because there are no challengers.

While names such as businessman Colin Ming, Guyana Defence Force’s Major Shen Fung and even GOA’s Secretary General Hector Edwards have been tossed around, the fact remains that most of the lead up to the elections has been just talk.

With little over two weeks to go and the nominations already submitted, if there are any challengers to Hutson, they continue to remain silent.

Meanwhile, Hutson has already declared that from talks with most of the clubs, his odds of re-election, in his own words, seem favourable.

While some have called for a change at the helm of the association, most seem comfortable with Hutson running the show despite the criticism that has followed the current AAG boss throughout his tenure that started in January 2013.

Nine clubs will be eligible to make the all important decision on January 22, but a change in the guard at the helm of the association should be the last thing to expect out of the elections.

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