UPDATED: One arrested in connection with High-powered rifle found in apartment


By Leroy Smith

A man, Caesar Gonsalves was this afternoon taken into custody after the police swooped down on a location in Tucville, Georgetown and found a high-powered weapon at his premises, for which he is not licensed to carry.

Building which was searched (Leroy Smith photo)

Following information received today (Thursday, January 12, 2017), the police were out in their numbers at the location as they cordoned off an entire block in an effort to effectively search the building and its surrounding.

The cops were also accompanied by one of their sniffer dogs to search the apartment for any other weapon that might have been concealed.

Suspect; Caesar Gonsalves (Leroy Smith photo)

Questions were raised when persons in the area disclosed that the suspect is very talkative and also lives a “high roller” life, although he is not employed.

They spoke of many known suspicious characters visiting the apartment in some very “high-end” vehicles, adding that while the man is hardly out of the apartment, those visiting him would usually enter the premises whenever they show up.

After securing a search warrant for the place, the police arrived and surrounded the place, jumped the fence and stood ready as one of the ranks knocked on the door. As soon as the man opened the door, the police showed him the warrant and barged into the premises and proceeded to search.

High powered rifle (Leroy Smith photo)

The man reportedly ran and sat in a chair as he sought to ask the police reasons for intruding his home.

However, an observant rank became suspicious of the man’s posture and decision to sit in one spot during the entire ordeal. As such, he was asked to get up and stand in a corner. The police then proceeded to search the chair and found the weapon.

He was at home alone at the time of the search. Persons said that from the way the man moves, he seems to be working or carrying out some other kind of high profile illegal operation on behalf of someone.

Today’s search was conducted in the full view of the public and the  Commander and Deputy Commander of the division.

Investigations are ongoing.

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