Eight arrested for ecstasy, ammunition find


By Leroy Smith

Eight people were early this morning arrested after the police swooped down on a house at Rasville and found several lives rounds of ammunition for two different calibres of weapon as well as a large quantity of ecstasy pills.

The News Room has been able to confirm that three females and five males have been arrested in connection with the discovery offound sixteen (16) live rounds of different calibers of ammunition and one hundred and eighty (180) ecstasy pills

The search appears to be a direct spin-off and continuation of the Tucville investigation where the police on Thursday found a large weapon and small amount of ammunition.

The ammunition was described to be that of 9mm and .32 rounds. Yesterday (Thursday, January 12, 2017) a 28-year-old young man was arrested after the police executed a search warrant and found the rifle at his apartment in Tucville. The weapon which was found is a rifle but that weapon uses small ammunition such as the 9mm round, the News Room was told.

His arrest and the arrest in Rasville are said to be related.

The police are continuing their investigations.

Police sources have said that the members of the public especially females have got to be on the lookout for persons who offer them beverage as the pills might be slipped into their beverages by those purchasing their beverages.

This caution was also made a few months ago by the Director of Public Prosecution during an engagement with the media in Georgetown.

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