German’s Restaurant boss donates Futsal balls to EBFA


In an effort to encourage the playing of Fustal in the East Bank Football Association (EBFA), owner of the German’s Restaurant, Clinton Urling, made a donation of balls to the association.

Noting that he has been following the progress of football in the association over the past three years, Urling said that he is encouraged by the collective work of the association executive and the clubs in their desire to ensure that players at all levels are active.

“You guys have been doing an admirable job by playing tournaments at the youth and senior levels consistently and with the donation of these balls, I am challenging you to start looking at this small sided version of the game that can attract more players and even assist with sharpening the skills of current players,” Urling stated.

EBFA President, Franklin Wilson, in accepting the donation from Urling, thanked him for recognising the work that is being done in the association and noted that the clubs and the association executive has a working relationship and is always looking for ways to improve and advance the sport in the association.

Wilson also informed that the association is working on bringing all the clubs in line with updated constitutions and elections. Herstelling Raiders FC has already fallen in line with Circuit Ville Jaguars of Yarrowkabra on the Linden Soesdyke Highway expected to follow shortly.

Wilson promised that the association would be looking shortly at introducing Futsal in the association.

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