Tower Nightclub Manager likely to be deported


By Leroy Smith

One of the managers from the nightclub operated by Tower Suites Inc. on Main Street, who it is alleged had a part to play in the covering up a shooting at the facility, is likely to be deported.

The man who is illegally in Guyana after he overstayed in the country for a considerable amount of time is being processed for court today (Friday, January 12, 2017).

He along with two other persons; another Manager and a Technician were picked up two days ago by the police for playing a part in cleaning up evidence in the nightclub after a shooting incident which occurred on Sunday morning.

The News Room has learnt that the Technician and the other Manager were on Thursday placed on a substantive amount of station bail and are required to make regular checks with the police until the investigation into the matter is complete.

Thus far, the club is back in operation.

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