Ansa McAl pulls sponsorship; Mash Soca Competition postponed


The Ministry of Education, Department of Culture says it will be unable to host the annual Mashramani Soca Competition at the traditional time since Ansa McAl would have pulled its sponsorship for the event.

During a Press Conference on Tuesday, Mash Coordinator, Lennox Canterbury said the Department does not have enough time to seek another avenue to cater for the competition.

The company has explained that they want to refocus on branding and instead would be hosting three mega events, on February 20, 21 and 22.

However, the company will retain its sponsorship for other events during Mashramani 2017.

Providing an update on the overall celebration, Canterbury following concerns regarding the Brickdam route being used instead of the traditional Church Street route for the Mash parade, pointed to the availability of space to accommodate more onlookers, revelers and vendors at the Durban Park Stadium.

He noted too that there are other historical factors including Brickdam being the country’s first paved road that have informed the Ministry’s decision to maintain the Brickdam route.

The Coordinator alluded to the fact that there is a lot of space at the 1763 Monument, Cuffy Square where many more persons can be accommodated as well. Mr Canterbury informed that a Children’s aspect would be added to this year’s Mashramani Parade, he explained what this would entail.

This year there will be 11 flag raising events, one in each region and the traditional national one on the morning of February 23 at the Durban Park.

Greater emphasis, Canterbury said would be placed on hosting more National type events in the respective regions.

Conveyor of the Children’s Mashramani competition Desiree Wyles-Ogle said the activities have now been institutionalized within the curriculum of activities for schools with dance and masquerade, dramatic poetry, calypso, physical display, costume presentation and costume parades.

Mashramani 2017 is being held under the theme “Celebration with dignity, liberty and greater Unity.”

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