Smaller vendors at a disadvantage with new Mash route- Market Union


There are fresh concerns arising as a result of the re-routing of the annual Mashramani parade to Brickdam, vendors are worried that they will be shortchanged by the move.

President of the Guyana Market Union, Eon Andrews in an invited comment on the new route (Stabroek Square to Durban Park via Brickdam) says there are many questions about this decision but the belief is that “vendors will not gain from it.”

“From Brickdam to there, what happens, the competition for that protracted area will be very disastrous but I don’t know the planners of these things if they take these things into consideration. Probably they only think about it’s a national thing and it must have a flavour of uniformity among other things but I think a lot of people, vendors will not gain from it” Andrew said.

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The Ministry of Education’s Department of Culture, Youth and Sport announced earlier this month the decision to re-route the parade arguing that it was more secure and allowed for the inclusion of child revelers because of its shorter distance.

However, Andrews is of the view that National events and activities are seen as an opportunity for everyone, especially vendors to “make a small something here…or there”.

He adds that it is not just about the frolic or listening to fine speeches but about much more.

“Let’s think about it” he said, “this thing must bring happiness…a lot of people out there who want to be a part but they need to be able to sell cause…with selling they are able to provide on the day for their children among other things.”

Traditionally, the Mayor and City Council would demarcate and charge a rental fee for spots along the Mashramani route where both large companies and small vendors would then ply their trade supplying revelers and spectators with their desired items.



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