Local Authorities hold first round of talks for regional development at consultative forum


On Friday, the Inaugural Meeting of the National Regional Development Consultative Committee was launched with the aim of bringing together local authorities to address critical issues facing the various regions.

President David Granger during his feature address reminded the leaders that the formation of “the Committee will be purely consultative,” because “it cannot resorb the functions of the RDC’s” or that of “the NDC’s and the village councils.”

The Head of State said the initiative is “just to provide the mechanism…to come together to communicate,” while ensuring that local authorities “are able to meet, discuss and plan for development and by give effect to popular participation in governance.”

Meanwhile, Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan told the audience government remains committed to building bridges across the chasm which has divided the country.

“That is why we are here to serve the people; that is our only job, it cannot be said often enough that this administration is concerned that a strong local government is important, it is essential for production and self-sufficiency and development,” Bulkan added.

By practicing collaboration instead of confrontation is the way forward Minister Bulkan rely on the local leaders to adopt since it can further transcends to solidify local democracy.

Discussions during the meeting were centered on the National Regional Development Consultative Committee and the establishment of ten Regional Development Consultative Committees.

Regional Symbols in the form of flag to represent the ten regions were also up for discussion along with the Finance Committee meeting in addition to the administering of Oath of Office of Justices of Peace.

The Meeting was held under the theme “strengthening regional governance through leadership development, financial management and strategic networking.”

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