Opposition Regional & Municipal leaders boycott Consultative Committee meeting


By Mark Murray

Several PPP/C Regional and Municipal leaders this morning (Friday, January 2017) declined to attend the inaugural meeting of the National Regional Development Consultative Committee after claiming the decision was done because of the lack of prior consultation.

The Regional Chairmen and the Regional Vice Chairmen of the 7 Regional Democratic Councils and the Mayors and Deputy Mayors of the three (3) Municipalities forwarded a letter to the Minister of Communities on Thursday (January 19) informing him of their non-appearance.

The PPP/C leaders would have indicated to the Minister that “they will not endorse attempts to create any body which will impinge on or dilute the Constitutional and legal power and authority of these elected Councils.”

Minister of Local Government, Ronald Bulkan

Communities Minister, Ronald Bulkan said “the arguments are specious, baseless and in my view provocative, given that these officers in particular are public officers, I do not think it’s unfair for me to say that there certain degree of insubordination are well in the actions of these officers.”

The Minister would have made these comments during the opening session of the meeting at the Marriott Hotel on Friday morning before giving his remarks.

According to Minister Bulkan, “Central Government will continue to extend a hand of cooperation and collaboration to all of our democratic institutions created by the constitution, and we will not fling or resile form our responsibility to engage all of these organs in delivering of effective governance though our country.”

The National Regional Development Consultative Committee (NRDCC) plans to create an avenue to identify and address critical issues facing the region while working with local stakeholders to set and deliver key priorities areas.







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