BACK IN POWER: Hutson re-elected AAG President


By Treiston Joseph 

Incumbent President of the Athletics Association of Guyana, Aubrey Hutson, was re-elected to serve another four-year term at the helm of the association when the elections and Annual General Meeting were held
on Sunday at the National Resource Centre, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown.

With nine registered clubs set to vote, Hutson went up against Major Shen Fung of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and won fairly easy, by a 6-3 margin. Meanwhile, with two spots up for Vice-President and five candidates to vote for, Amanda Hermonstine received the most votes with six, while Colin Ming was elected as the next Vice-president with five votes. 

Also getting votes on the day were Hector Edwards with three, Godfrey Washington with three and Colin Boyce with one. Nial Stanton was elected Treasurer, defeating Obena Griffith 5-3 with one vote being deemed spoilt by Returning Officer, Dr. Karen Pilgrim. The Assistant Treasurer position went to Elton Bollers, who had no competition due to absenteeism by nominees. 

Meanwhile, the five council members elected were Keith Campbell (seven votes), Lyndon Wilson (six votes), Yvonne October (six votes), Silas Brummel (five votes) and Busta Wright (four votes). Carla Rodney also had four votes, but withdrew. After the elections, Hutson noted that he was eager to get back to work in an effort to push the development of the sport. 

In addition, Hutson reasoned that with the AAG now back at full executive membership, the advancement of the sport should move along at a faster rate compared to when, in his words, he was “strained” by the depleted state of the executive. Hutson will now serve his second term as president with another four years to stamp his identity on the sport of track and field.

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