Norton was the “scapegoat” in medical bond scandal says Jagdeo


Even after public hammering President David Granger has failed to adequately address the controversial medical bond issue, instead the regime has resorted to “scapegoating” Former Public Health Minister Dr. George Norton. This is the view of People’s Progressive Party General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo.

“Norton was the scapegoat because this contract was approved by the cabinet before it was exposed in the Parliament…not Norton’s approval in his Ministry alone, until now they have not said who directed this company to approach the ministry, that question is still unanswered. How did the ministry find out about Larry Singh that he had this service to offer and I believe that there were other members of the cabinet who introduced Norton to this deal,” said Jagdeo.

Jagdeo said after the scandal was exposed, rather than order an inquiry or call in the audit office, the President got three lawyers, all members of the cabinet that participated in the said bond contract, to review it, “and then they cover it up again, a cover up organized by the President and they said it’s fine, until today that contract is still ongoing inspite of all the deficiencies pointed out, I am sure it would run up to over $600 million over the life of this contract for a bottom house we are paying for.”

The General Secretary is maintaining that President Granger is responsible for covering up one of the most egregious scandals and in a bid to satisfy the public resorted to “scapegoating” Minister Norton by shifting him out of the Public Health Ministry.

Jagdeo also raised dissatisfaction with the controversial Durban Park project, pointing to the “contradictory” explanation given by the President regarding the company Homestretch Investment Inc, none of which was accurate.


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