It’s not Amaila or Death- Pres. Granger


President David Granger says Guyana’s sustainable energy options are not as clear cut as Amaila (Hydro Power Project) or death.

This was the President’s response to questions posed on Amaila and whether the Coalition Government would at any point consider it as a viable candidate for sustainable energy generation.

In fact, Mr. Granger says“it’s not Amaila or death it’s green energy and we (Government) feels it has been able to put a satisfactory mix to the Government of the Kingdom of Norway” on Guyana’s options.

He notes too that Guyana will not be pinned down to a single project.

“All we’re asking is that Norway should look at a menu of measures for generating green energy and I think we can reach an agreement” he said in recent recording of the Public Interest.

He adds that many of these options could also prove more cost effective.

“Rather than depend on the Amaila we (Guyana) can look at look at maybe half a dozen other sites, the cost of Amaila.”

The President says Government is looking at Solar and Wind energy and this was what was presented to the Government of Norway.

In December, independent, Norwegian, Engineering and Consultancy firm, Norconsult, handed over their assessment report on the Amaila Fall Hydro Power Project (AFHP) and deemed it as sound “although certain design aspects of AFHP should be reviewed and revised.”

Norconsult also recommended that the preparations for AFHP be resumed.

However, Government had said , “having studied the Report and conscious of the specific needs of the country, the Government of Guyana proposes to utilise a mix of energy options, starting with less risky options such as solar and wind, as outlined in Budget 2017.”




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