Guyana ranked 108 up from 119 in Transparency International’s corruption index


The annual survey which was published on Wednesday (January 25, 2017), ranks 176 countries on a scale of 100 (very clean) to 0 (highly corrupt).

In 2015 Guyana was ranked 119/168, but this year with a score of 34, Guyana has managed to improve its ranking to 108/176. The survey that is available on Transparency International Secretariat website does not provide specific reasons for Guyana’s ranking this time around.

This is so, despite the body pointing out that “this year more countries declined in the index than improved, showing the need for urgent action.”

According to the international body, the global average score is 43, a ranking that Guyana is yet to attain as its scores fluctuate for the last five years with the highest being 30.

The index is based on expert opinions of public sector corruption; looking at the range of factors such as whether government leaders are held accountable or if they go unpunished for corrupt activities.

Denmark this time around is considered the least corrupt country out of the 176 countries surveyed for last year while Somalia is considered the most corrupt country in the world.

This year’s Corruption Perceptions Index was titled “Vicious circle of corruption and inequality must be tackled.”

Transparency International Secretariat is also reporting that 69 percent of the 176 countries on the 2016 Index scored below 50 depicting the massive and pervasive state of public sector corruption around the world.

Chair of Transparency International José Ugaz believes the world “do not have the luxury of time” and as such he feels “corruption needs to be fought with urgency so that the lives of people across the world improve.”

By Mark Murray

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