Nagamootoo, Trotman and Ramjattan to vie for Leader of AFC position


The Alliance For Change (AFC) will be hosting its National Conference on for Saturday, January 28th at the Vreed-en-Hoop Primary School, West Bank Demerara, Region 3, during which its elections will be held.

While the current leader of the party, Khemraj Ramjattan will once again by vying for the post, he will also be contending with Prime Minister and current Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo and Raphael Trotman, Natural Resources Minister. Trotman was previously at the AFC’s helm since its formation before the 2006 General and Regional elections.

Nagamootoo will also be contending the position of Chair along with Catherine Hughes, Ramjattan and Trotman.

AFC Chairman, Nigel Hughes, in August 2016 tendered his resignation as Chair of the party. His resignation followed a statement issued by the AFC in which it called for the powers of the Minister of State, Joseph Harmon to be reduced. At that time, the party said Hughes will remain a part of the party.

For the position of Vice Chair, the contenders are Nagamootoo, Hughes, Valerie Garrido-Lowe, Audwin Rutherford and Raphael Trotman.

The party in a statement on Wednesday said the General Secretary position is being competed by David Patterson – incumbent, Michael Carrington, Alison Mohamed and Marlon Williams.

Durin a Press Conference hosted at the party’s headquarters recently, Patterson along with Ramjattan and Hughes have committed to fully serve in their leadership roles if elected.

There is also keen interest in and competition for the 12 National Executive Committee (NEC) members with a total of 73 nominees.

In addition to the 12 elected members of the NEC, each Regional Management Committee and overseas chapter, along with Women For Change and Youth For Change are entitled to send a representative to the NEC meetings. The NEC can also co-opt up to five members if the need arises for additional representation in particular areas.

The party has an electoral college system comprising of 275 delegates which are allocated as follows:

Region 1 – 10 delegates

Region 2 – 20 delegates

Region 3 – 15 delegates

Region 4 – 75 delegates

Region 5 – 20 delegates

Region 6 – 40 delegates

Region 7 – 10 delegates

Region 8 – 10 delegates

Region 9 – 10 delegates

Region 10 – 20 delegates

Women For Change (WFC) – 10 delegates

Youths For Change (YFC) – 10 delegates

USA Chapter – 9 delegates

Canada Chapter – 6 delegates

Caribbean Chapter – 6 delegates

United Kingdom Chapter – 4 delegates

The Returning Officer for the elections will be Mr. Clayton Hall.

The National Conference will also consider over a dozen Motions and Resolutions on a wide array of matters. The submitted Motions and Resolutions are currently being reviewed by a Special Committee set up by the party’s Management Committee.

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