BREAKING NEWS: Body of Guyanese found naked in TT apartment


By Leroy Smith

A Guyanese man, Kwesi Mona, 44 years was found dead in an apartment in Trinidad on Wednesday evening (January 25, 2017) at approximately 21:20hrs at Apartment #4, Alice Street Curepe.

According to information out of Trinidad, persons heard loud screams coming from the apartment.

Several efforts were then made to make contact with the Guyanese and those proved futile which prompted persons to contact the agent for the apartment and the police.

The Officers forced the apartment door open, searched it and discovered that two men were lying naked on their chests on the floor between the bed. The head of the deceased was smashed in.


Julio Felix Hernandez- Suspect

The other man who was found lying next to him was identified as 23-year-old Julio Felix Hernandez of Coffee Lane, Santa Cruze. He told the police that on Wednesday night he and the deceased were drinking alcohol when the deceased made sexual advances to him but claimed he could not remember what happened next.


The district medical examiner viewed the body of Mona and determined that he was dead. The Medical Examiner ordered that the body be taken to the Forensic Science Centre for a post-mortem.

The News Room was also informed that the police ranks who visited the scene have been able to remove items of evidential value.

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