NEWS FLASH: Trio in AK-47 find remanded to prison


By Leroy Smith

Three miners Teon Alleyne (30) of  Lobora Creek and 15 Half Mile Linden, Lloyd Roberts (35) of Lot 3667 North Ruimveldt and 81 John Street Campbellville and Andre Pollydore (29) of Lot 3267 Lamaha Place were all remanded to prison this morning when they appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty.

The three appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates Courts 8 and 9 charged with illegal possession of arms and ammunition.

The trio jointly received four charges, two counts each of possession of firearm without license and two counts each for possession of ammunition without license. They all pleaded not guilty and were represented by Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes.

Hughes requested bail on behalf of the number one accused, Lloyd Roberts. He requested that once bail is denied, that his client is not placed at the Georgetown Prison, since they have received word that plans are afoot to terminate him while he is there. Hughes also told the court that the wife of Roberts has received death threats.

Pollydore has two children and the youngest is 3 months old. Alleyne is the father of three, ages 3, 6 and 10.

The court heard that on Sunday, January 22 at John Street Campbellville, the police swooped down on the location and carried out a search. An AK-47 assault weapon was removed, as well as eighty rounds of live ammunition and a 9MM pistol.

The house is owned by a Guyanese living in the United Kingdom.

Bail was denied and the trio will return to court on February 14, 2017.


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