Three attempt to escape New Opportunity Corps


By Leroy Smith

Two sixteen year olds and a fifteen year old, all males from the New Opportunity Corps attempted to escape from the facility on Sunday last.

The attempted getaway took place at approximately 15:45hrs following what is considered a very “inspiring church service” which was held in the compound of the facility at Essequibo. (The names of the children cannot be released)

No word on the attempted escape was released by the Ministry of Education’s Department of Youth which is directly responsible for the facility.

However, the News Room has been informed that the teenagers who hail from Berbice, Essequibo and West Coast Demerara were serving one-year sentences for break and enter and larceny.

According to the details which the News Room received, after the “inspiring church service” which was conducted by the administrator of the facility, Parsram Singh, the children along with other were heading back to their dorms when the three made a dash for freedom. They ran to the west end of the compound and ended up in the backlands where they remained for several hours until two were captured by a search party.

At approximately 20:00hrs, the third lad, a sixteen-year-oldld from Berbice returned to the NOC and handed himself over to administration of the facility. The police are said to be investigating the matter.

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