Bandit fatally shot to temple and neck by businessman


By Leroy Smith

One bandit is dead and another on the run after they attacked a 48-year-old businessman, Darmindra Dean who lives on the West Coast of Demerara and operates a business in Region 9.

The News Room has been informed that businessman was in a truck; GTT 5907 driven by 35-year-old  Safraz Ali of Cornelia Ida when they stopped at the junction of Huston, E.B.D to allow several vehicles to pass. It was then that two identifiable males drove up on a black and grey CG motorcycle; 2167 where the pillion rider dismounted and pulled out a 9MM pistol from his waist and struck the businessman to his face. He also discharged a round in the direction of the vehicle.

The Businessman retaliated almost immediately by whipping out his licensed .32 Taurus pistol and discharged approximately five rounds in the direction of the bandits. One of the suspects fell immediately to the ground and was picked up and rushed to the Diamond Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

His body was examined and it was discovered that he received injuries to the back of his neck and the temple.

His accomplice managed to escape.

An examination of the vehicle in which the businessman was travelling found that there was a bullet hole to the left side windscreen.

The investigations are ongoing even as the search continues for the suspect.

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