Banks DIH pledges 100% support to Mashramani promises return of a ‘Big Lime”



Weeks after Banks DIH filed $28.4B lawsuit against Government for overpaid taxes the beverage giant pulled out its cheque book to fully sponsor two pre-Mash Crank up events on Main Street in the Avenue between Quamina Street and Church Road.

The Mega Corporate entity said the events would be held as a prelude to February 23.

The company has pledged also to 100 percent support towards Mashramani 2017. The announcement follows a recent meeting with Mashramani Coordinator, Lennox Canterbury, Public Relations Officer, Mondale Smith and Banks DIH Sales and Marketing Executive Carlton Joao and Events Manager Mortimer Stewart.

According to a press release issued today, Friday (January 27, 2017) those mega events promise to offer a hot spot for entertainment and Mashramani enthusiasts to gather for some Guyanese style socialising.

On Thursday last officials from the Ministry of Education Department of Culture, Youth and Sport, along with representatives from Banks DIH met in the Main Street Avenue to work out logistics to make the event most memorable.

The mega Mash hype, a free of charge event, will offer a platform for the many competition and none competition singers to show case their singing/ entertainment abilities, as well as, a healthy serving of Steel pan vibes.

The creations from designers that will be part of the February 23 Costume and Float Parade will also be showcased as a prelude to what will be on display along the Mash Route come Mash Day 2017.

The statement from the Ministry of Education’s Department of Culture, Youth and Sport says too the idea was floated to the beverage company by Minister Nicolette Henry.

The events will be held on February 3 and 10 on the Main Street Avenue and Mr. Joao advised that the event which starts from 4:30pm carries no admittance fee for the public.

Onstage performances will feature the likes of the competing Calypsonians from the Adult competition, as well as, popular Guyanese Soca artists who do not have a stage to compete this year but have gone the extra mile to produce music for the festival. The headline Act is reigning Groovy Soca Monarch King Jumo“Rubber waist” Primo as well as others.

Additionally, Banks DIH has also planned a mega J’ouvert event for staging at the Demerara Park on February 22. More details of all these events will be made public through the various media houses.

The company has added further pledges in addition to the sizable sum normally offered towards sponsorship of the 2017 Adult Calypso Monarch competitions. The semi-final of that event which features 19 contenders are slated to be staged in Linden at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground while the final is scheduled for staging at the Demerara Park with Mayor Patricia Chase-Green as the Convener.

Sponsorship from Banks is assured towards making the Junior Calypso Monarch Competition a success. That event is slated for staging on February 4 in Georgetown.

Further, the company has offered some sponsorship towards the National Children’s Road Parade.


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