Drive-by shooting related to AK-47 discovery- Police Source


By Leroy Smith

A well-placed police source has indicated to the News Room that the drive-by shooting which occurred last night (Thursday, January 26, 2017) in Warlock, East Ruimveldt is related to the discovery of arms and ammunition on Sunday last.

AK-47 assault rifle and other items found on Sunday

The police on Sunday (January 22, 2017) discovered one AK-47 assault rifle, one 9mm pistol, ammunition for both weapons and other items at a house in Campbellville. Three men were captured and subsequently remanded to prison on Thursday morning.

A usually reliable source has stated that the men who were shot are not known to have any brushes with the law but that the deceased is the cousin of a  man who the execution-style shooting was actually intended for.

That person has since gone into hiding. The police have not been able to arrest anyone just yet in connection with the shooting but the police are said to be working. What the News Room was able to confirm is that persons in the area are very upset about the shooting and have since been cooperating fully with the police.

Dead; Andrew “Zeggy” Fraser


The drive-by shooting left one 30-year old Andrew “Zeggy” Fraser dead and Stanley Adams of La Penitence hospitalised.

The police late last night into this morning searched two locations for suspects that might be related to the shooting but they came up empty handed.

One police source told the News Room that thus far, the evidence has shown and proven that since the AK-47 with ammunition and another small arms was found, there has been friction between two groups in the city.

Added to this, some police sources are suggesting that several incidents in the past being the shooting at the Rio Night Club last year which claimed the life of a young man, the shooting at the Club Privilege which caused the injury of a patron, the AK-47 find and the arrest of the men on the east coast earlier this week following a high-speed chase are all connected. It is believed that the incidents are as a result of a building conflict between two groups who believe that either side are feeding the police with information.

The police have since been able to retrieve a piece of very valuable evidence from the area last night which they are currently using to go after the suspects in the shooting who are known to the police.

Last evening (Thursday, January 26, 2017), a white car slowed down and the occupants opened fire on Fraser and Adams as they were standing at a location in Warlock.

The investigations into this matter are continuing.

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