Parking Meters to be removed from in front of schools


The Guyana Teachers Union today (Friday, January 27, 2017) announced that following discussions with the Mayor and City Council and Smart City Solutions (SCS), parking meters in front of public schools will be removed.

The GTU have raised several concerns in relation to the meters being placed in front of schools noting that it will be an additional financial burden on its members.

The body also hosted a Vigil outside the residence of the President and Prime Minister on Tuesday night urging that the decision be reversed.

In a post on social media on Friday, (January 27, 2017) President of the GTU informed that “no teacher in the public school system will be required to pay for parking their vehicle while they teach the nation’s children. In fact no other parking meter will be placed in front of schools.”

Additionally, those “schools where parking meters have been placed already will see them being removed.”

As such, Lyte expressed gratitude to the Mayor and City Council along with SCS and the Prime minister for granting the Union’s request. He also thanked members for standing with the union.

Every other citizen will be faced with the 50 dollars for every 15 minutes of parking within the city with a maximum time purchase of up to six hours per day.

Aside from schools, there are other government offices and facilities that will be faced with similar concerns for public servant employees who drive to work.

Smart City Solutions is looking to erect 157 meters within the areas of Camp to Water Streets and from Quamina to Hadfield Streets.

The full enforcement of the project is expected to begin on Monday, January 30, 2017.

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