Parking meters will contribute to decline in business- PPP


The Peoples Progressive Party believes that the full implementation of the Parking Meter project in the City will certainly contribute to a significant decline in business.

“Obviously, persons would prefer to conduct their business elsewhere in order to avoid paying to park in the City”, the opposition party said in a recent statement to the media.

It further expressed the belief that this coupled with a declining economy, rising cost of living and the imposition of new tax measures, “the parking meters will add even greater economic, financial and social hardships upon the backs of the citizens, especially those living, working or visiting the City of Georgetown.”

The PPP once again alluded to the lack of transparency and accountability which surround this project which it said “reeks of cronyism and corruption.” In this regard, it also called on the government to scrap the project.

Empty Parking Spaces on Water Street earlier in the week


It is also urging other citizens to boycott the project as would have been done earlier in the week.

On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, when for the first time drivers were required to pay for parking in the city, News Room reported that many empty parking spaces were available as citizens completely avoided the areas in which the meters are located.

On Thursday, the company, Smart City Solutions began a demonstrative exercise during which it booted several vehicles which failed to utilise the system.

According to spokesperson for SCS, the company will be going ahead with the implementation of fines from Monday, January 30, 2017.

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