Banks DIH to consider female to fill position on male dominated Board


By Mark Murray

The issue of women’s representation on the Board of Directors at Banks DIH Limited was questioned at the company’s 61st Annual General Meeting at Thirst Park at the weekend.

During 2016, both Christopher Fernandes and Carl Cozier would have tendered their resignation as Directors on the Board of Banks DIH Limited leaving the company to find replacements.

Only female Banks DIH Limited Director; Frances Sarah (right)

One of the two available spaces on the Board was taken up by Attorney-at-Law, Ronald Burch-Smith as December 15, 2016.

Shareholder, Joy Macalmon during the question and answer segment at Saturday’s meeting raised the argument that she has noticed over the years that men continue to dominate the position as Directors.

“We’ve noted today (Saturday, January 28) that two people resign and one has been approved. I do hope that the second appointment would be a woman, if you look around in the audience today majority of the shareholders present are women and we should be taking out rightful place on the Board,” Ms. Macalmon pointed out.

Shareholders at Saturday’s AGM

Banks DIH Limited, Chairman and Managing Director, Clifford Reis responded to the question by saying the company after listening to her concern will make a note of it and “take into consideration” her suggestion.

Reis when further questioned told News Room “it’s not a gender problem or not a race problem, what it is, if the person is fit and proper to sit on the Board, if it is a woman, so be it, if they got to get nine women, is nine women, so the board considers all this when yah looking for a person”

According to the Chairman the company, it would “need that expertise on the board” which he feels will guide the future direction of the giant beverage company when it comes to decision making and representation for Banks DIH Limited.

The Company currently has 13 Board Directors of which one is female.

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