Amaila is not ready says Trotman; Natural Gas as energy source being explored


Natural Resources Minister, Raphael Trotman told the House tonight that is would be “woefully false” for anyone to stand in the National Assembly and declare that they do not have access to the Norconsult report on the feasibility of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project, since this report was released by Government on December 28, 2016.

According to Trotman, the review of the Amaila Project never got going until the end of April 2016 and in August of that year correspondence was received from Norway seeking an extension and the final report was received in December.

His clarifications were made following accusations from the Opposition benches regarding access to the report.  Trotman said Government welcomes a debate on the subject of renewable energy.

He pointed out that the Norconsult report recommended that hydrology data be gathered since there was no study on the flows of water at the Amaila Falls.

And while the Opposition continues to tout the Amaila Hydropower Project as the most viable option, “It is not and cannot be ready until a next three to four years,” Trotman said.

Trotman said Government will consult and present reports in due season since it has nothing to hide. He maintained that Amaila is not ready to go and the Coalition is prepared to examine it and other projects with similar and greater capacity.

Quoting a study in India, Minister Trotman said far more than four hours of power can be derived from solar energy and Government is currently examining this option. He informed too that the possibility of harnessing natural gas found and using it to as an energy source is being explored.

The Minister is confident that Guyana will meet its targets as Government remains committed to the “green economy.”

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