GNBS looking to become enforcement arm for building codes this year


The Guyana National Bureau of Standards remains optimistic about becoming the body that could enforce the soon to be updated building codes.

As such, GNBS is hoping to wrap up its two-year review and consultation on the issue.

According to Executive Director, Candelle Walcott-Bostwick, by updating the outdated building codes, it will improve the systems to better monitor and conform with modern requirements.

“We would have has these codes in existence since about 1999 and we have never had the enforcement aspect of it stream-lined, so we are anticipating to have that addressed during this year so that the authority to enforce the building code will be highlighted,” she said.

“So it’s just updating what currently exist and more and more with the building codes is basically to look towards, for example now we are speaking about energy efficiency and energy efficient building so those are some of the areas that will be addressed in those codes”

The Agency’s Head of the Standard Compliance Department said GNBS is presently responsible for the development of standards and not enforcement.

However, he cautioned that enforcement of those standards is done by the various regulatory bodies and that is based on the various legislative arms such as the Fire Service, City Engineering Department and Government’s Electrical Department.

He noted that “at the completion of the documents we will be able to tell you the changes from what to what, under these regulatory body that we would have mentioned fire service, city engineering and so, there are penalties because they have to approve those building and so if they are not meeting those requirements more likely your plan or so would not be approved.”

GNBS is holding out that there should be a formal enforcement arm as required by the building code standards within the country.

Presently the National Building Code Sub-Committees- Fire Safety and Foundation, septic tank and excavation would have met and started the revision of sections of the building code.

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