Used and new tyres subject to stringent checks says GNBS


The Guyana National Bureau of Standards in light of concerns raised is assuring that used and new tyres are subjected to strict and detailed checks by the Standards Compliance Department before it is approved.

Inspector attached to the Standards Compliance Department Dillon Beckles addressing the media on Monday said stringent checks are made before used tyres, in particular before they are approved for sale to the consumers.

Giving a demonstration to the media, Beckles said those tyres deemed defective are destroyed. Plugs in the side wall, damage in the beaded area, cracking in the grids and other defects are grounds for rejection.

Dillon Beckles- Inspector, GNBS

Apart from the used tyres GNBS also monitors new tyres and while they are not subject to these massive checks, Beckles said in the customers’ interest they must satisfy the labeling requirements.

Beckles said consumers must ensure that the tyre they are purchasing matches the speed of the vehicle since the incorrect tyre could lead to accidents and loss of lives. The name of the manufacturer and country of origin are critical too the Inspector noted, so that in event of any problems consumers would be able to relate this information.

Additionally, GNBS has noted that in recent months the number of used tyre businesses has declined.

This may be attributed to the fact that Government would impose a ban on used tyres effective April. It was argued that used

It was argued that used tyres are responsible for road accidents, but this was met with rejection from dealers and consumers alike who reasoned that the cost would impose hardships since not everyone could afford a new tyre.


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