PPP to withdraw Parking Meter System once returned to power


Bharrat Jagdeo, Leader of the Opposition has signaled his intention to withdraw the Parking Meter System when or if the People’s Progressive Party returns to power.

The Opposition Leader, who was today speaking at a press conference at his office on Church Street, said his party believes the Parking Meter System between the Mayor and City Council and Smart City Solutions is a corrupt deal since it lacks transparency and sees the city receiving minimal returns.

He said once the PPP is returned to power it is willing to go through all legal proceedings to remove the system which according to him is designed to kill Georgetown, noting that his party cannot allow the city to die.

The Opposition Leader said since this Government had to approve the Parking Meter Project then future Governments can withdraw it. Jagdeo expressed the view that the System could have been directly implemented by City Hall, citing several other alternatives where the City would have benefitted more directly. He noted too that private companies and other individuals wanting to invest in Parking Meters is actually a plus for City Hall, citing that M&CC could have offered a deal where persons utilize land in the Capital to build Parking lots.

The Opposition leader pointed to the fact that City hall only receives 20 percent of the ticket sales under the Parking Meter System but if it was done directly they could have charged 25 percent of the current rate, utilizing the 5 percent for administrative costs.

He noted that if M &CC and Central Government truly had the interest of the city and people at heart then there are many other models they could have utilized.

But while Jagdeo made it clear that what was approved by Government can be disapproved, he alluded to the fact that both Local and Central Government is involved which would make it less categorical than him stating definitively that he would change the VAT regime.


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