AG gives media house(s) one week to provide statements that speak to him attacking Judiciary


Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams has given the media entity or entities, which have purported that he has attacked the Chancellor of the Judiciary and/or the Judiciary one week to attribute the statements to him, which suggest this.

The Attorney General today at a press conference said he has noted these accusations in recent weeks and “I reject the contentions that I attacked the Chancellor of the Judiciary.”

In the event that these statements are not provided, Williams said he will exercise the options available to him since he has been collecting all the “libelous articles.” He expressed the belief that certain sections of the media may think he is “hamstrung” because he is now the Attorney General, but Williams said this is not the case.

While he did not give a definitive answer, it was suggested that legal action would be forthcoming if the “guilty media house(s)” do not provide these statements where the AG “attacked the Chancellor and/ or the Judiciary.”

The AG did not name the entity or entities which have been peddling the alleged false accusations regarding his treatment of the Chancellor and/or the Judiciary.

The AG said he is not prepared to allow anyone to finch his name after 33 years of a clean record as a private attorney.  He questioned why certain media houses are championing persons who are criminous and attacking him, who has not had any allegations of corruption towards him over those years.

It is unclear which statements, in particular, the AG is deeming libelous, however, reference was made to a quote attributed to him in the State Newspapers, the Guyana Chronicle which he outrightly rejected.


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