Deputy SG sent on 72 days administrative leave by PSC pending investigations


The complaint filed against Attorney General Basil Williams by Deputy Solicitor General Prithima Kissoon has been rejected by the Public Service Commission, which has ordered that Kissoon proceeds on 72 days administrative leave.

The Deputy Solicitor General was sent on leave pending the investigation into all the cases she has handled, particularly those involving the former Attorney General and Opposition Member of Parliament Anil Nandlall and the Government.

This information was on Friday divulged by Williams, who informed members of the media that he has requested of the Permanent Secretary to find out what is the correct procedure to deal with Miss Kissoon since she falls under the Public Service.

Williams said Miss Kissoon had requested leave from December 20, 2016 to January 21, 2017 and when approval was denied, a sick leave was presented and medical claims filed covering the same period.  Added to this all cases involving the DSG were fixed for early January,2017 and no other attorney assigned placing the AG Chambers at a disadvantage.

According to the AG Miss Kissoon was seen “partying on Old Year’s Night.” Apart from this Williams cited several instances of dereliction of duties on the part of Miss Kissoon in cases involving the Former Administration, placing the Government in a compromising position.

As it relates to the appointment of a Solicitor General, Williams said they have received several applications, even some from overseas which are currently being examined. However, he noted that the Administration would have to “bite the bullet” and appoint senior people, even if it means at a higher cost since the younger lawyers cannot handle the magnitude of cases and require more training.

According to Williams when he came into office the SG and DSG were two of the highest paid and yet the office was dysfunctional because the SG allegedly had problems with Miss Kissoon whom she thought was underqualified for the position and on the other hand Kissoon had a clique of lawyers under her control, among other issues.

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