GUINNESS GREATEST OF THE STREETS: ‘West Side’ leg kicks off Friday


They say the ‘West Side’ is the best side and the Guinness Greatest of the Streets will be making its next stop at the Pouderoyen Tarmac from Friday, February 3. Thirty-five (35) teams will suit up to be a part of the West Demerara edition of the Guinness Greatest of the Streets, which will comprise three areas; namely West Coast, West Bank and East Bank.

At the press conference on Thursday morning, Brand Manager of Guinness, Lee Baptiste, noted that it is the intention to build communities through such events.

“Based on last year’s performance and the first sub-meet, we expect six days of exciting street football, Guinness continued to pave the way with community development through sport and we encourage all participating and none-participating communities to come out and support… again we stress the importance of discipline and we wish all the teams good luck,” Baptiste stated.

Meanwhile, Travis Bess, who will be the organiser for the event, gave a quick round down of the tournament, noting that the first night will have two qualifying matches.

Bess also noted that the first two nights will be a straight knockout format before some round-robin group action begins to determine the quarter-final round. Colours Boutique has also joined with the Guinness brand to outfit the players during the tournament.

Meanwhile, the teams will be playing for the top prize of $450,000, while second, third and fourth will receive $150,000, $100,000 and $50,000 respectively. The tournament is into its third edition with West Side Ballers winning the inaugural championship, while Showstoppers are the current defending champions.

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