“It’s not about resources but how resourceful you are”- Dr. Rosh Khan at DWCS 2017


It was a fun, educational and interactive five hours at the Guyana Marriott Hotel, Kingston as the Digital Wealth Creation Seminar (DWCS) got underway with a packed to capacity venue of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs of all age ranges, who eagerly gathered to learn how to create an additional stream of income using digital means.

The seminar is the brainchild of the Master Class Institute headed by Dr. Rosh Khan and it aims to change the economic landscape of Guyana using digital media.

Dr. Khan in an informative and mind-blowing presentation told participants that there are three critical questions an aspiring entrepreneur must ask including is there a need, what do I need to fill that need and work on satisfying that need.

Web design, Consultancy Services, Research and Content, Payroll Entry and Voice Overs are among the numerous services that people pay for online. And while being a successful entrepreneur may seem like a difficult task, Dr. Khan revealed that there is no “top secret” in achieving success.

He warned those in attendance not to get scammed by those online businesses that require investments.

Participants were introduced to vital information Dr. Khan teaches during his paid Master Class, which focuses on fundamental aspects of the online business environment. This information was substantiated by research and other statistics received from online surveys.

He revealed that the online business is currently a 1.9 trillion dollar industry that aspiring businesspersons can tap into. Those in attendance were introduced to the usefulness of free apps, Landing Pages, One Page Websites, Social Media Channels and F-Commerce and several business models they can use in the development of their businesses.

The importance of “digital footprints” or online behaviour was underscored by Dr. Khan who encouraged that “we are all brands. We are all media companies.”

Making brief remarks at the event, Business Minister Dominic Gaskin highlighted the need for entrepreneurship and innovation while assuring that Government will ensure that the environment conducive for business development.

He said Guyana is yet to make its mark as a regional powerhouse and to become regionally renowned for its tourism product; however, he urged those in attendance to “take up the challenge” and help to fill the big gaps that still exist.

Public Telecommunications Minister Cathy Hughes in an energetic presentation lauded the Master Class Institute- Dr. Rosh Khan and his team for their “out of the box businesses” which have taken Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to a next level.

Public Telecommunications Minister- Cathy Hughes

Minister Hughes expressed excitement that there are many young people out there who want to “push the envelope.” She pledged her commitment to revolutionizing the ICT landscape in Guyana.

There were other useful presentations by Virtual speaker Chris Farrell, who explained how to manage a successful web business, Ramesh Persaud of IPED shared a bit of financial advice and others shared critical tips for the budding entrepreneurs.

At the end of the seminar participants seemed fully charged up to pursue their business goals. They were privy to the success stories of those who completed the Master Class and got the “need to know” information from a member of the Master Class on “How to Close the Sale” using the R.E.S.P.E.C.T model. The acronym fro Rapid Rapport, Establish and Earn Credibility, Switch all focus to Prospect, Pinpoint and Probe the Pain, Explore and Explain the Offer, Close while Handling Objections and Thank or Show Gratitude.

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