Senior Diplomat robbed, police remain silent


By Leroy Smith

Mikiko Tanaka, the representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Guyana was robbed on Thursday night, while she was in Campbellville, Georgetown.

Although the Guyana Police Force has failed to release any information regarding the incident, the News Room has been able to confirm that a bag containing personal and important documents was snatched from the Senior Diplomat.

The robbery was reportedly carried out by a lone bandit on a motorcycle. The News Room learnt that after the bag was snatched from the Diplomat, the bandit rode off but fell a short distance from the scene.

He, however, managed to get up and run, still clutching the woman’s bag to his side. The motorcycle was then handed over to the police who showed up at the location after receiving information about the robbery.

Today one senior source explained that based on the information received, there is an aggressive attempt to track the person who the motorcycle belongs to in an effort to bring the bandit to justice.

A deafening silence prevails as it relates to the incident but persons who are closely associated with the United Nations’ local office contacted the News Room with the information.

Efforts to make contact with senior police officials to confirm the incident were futile. It is unclear if the suspect was apprehended or if the items taken from the diplomat were recovered.

Mikiko Tanaka came to Guyana in August of last year to begin her tour of duty as the United Nations Resident Coordinator and Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme.

Ms. Tanaka is the highest ranking UN official in Guyana and prior to her arrival here, served in Yemen, Timor-Leste, Pakistan, China and New York.

The Senior Diplomat is a native of Japan but is versed in speaking French and the English Language.

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