Teenager killed in Essequibo crash


By Leroy Smith

The police in Essequibo are probing the circumstances surrounding the death of 17-year-old Iftikar Ishemael, a mechanic of lot 36 Vilvorden Essequibo.

According to the details reaching the News Room, the man was on Sunday evening riding motorcycle CC 9262 when it came into contact with motor lorry GNN 6695. That lorry was being driven by Balwane Mohabeer, a 31-year-old man of Lot 42 Zorg Essequibo Coast.

It was revealed that at approximately 19:50hrs last evening, the two were heading in separate directions along the Airy Hall Public Road, Essequibo when the accident occurred.

It is alleged that the teenager was riding at a very fast rate and lost control of the motorcycle which then ended up in the path of the lorry. They driver of the lorry attempted to take evasive measures but proved futile and the collision occurred.

The teen fell on the roadway and was picked up in an unconscious state. He was rushed to the Suddie Hospital where doctors there attempted desperately to save his life but those efforts failed.

Investigations are ongoing.

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