Two persons homeless following Craig, EBD fire


A fire of unknown origin on Tuesday afternoon completely destroyed a home at Craig on the East Bank of Demerara, leaving two persons homeless.

Clement Pierre

While the owner of the home is currently in the interior, the other occupant, Clement Pierre told News Room that he has no clue what may have caused the fire.

He disclosed that he left for work at approximately 01:15 hours this morning (Tuesday, February 07, 2017) for the wharf where he sells fish and later received a call that his home was on fire. Upon his return home, he was unable to save anything from the furnace.

The man said he was also preparing to leave the country but now his documents have been destroyed.

“I lost a lot of things; clothes, shoes, booths, everything…(Cut out question) I ain know wuh ah gon do because, leh ah tell yuh the honest truth, I gaffo fly out to go outside and get cash and thing and then come back, yuh know the fire happen now, passport bun up, ah can’t get fo guh no way…all ma documents bun up” Pierre said.

The remains of the building


Asked if he may have left any electrical appliances plugged in  or left his stove alight, the man said the house is not connected to a Guyana Power and Light’s (GPL) utility pole nor does he cook, making the two scenarios impossible.

He said the incident seem “fishy”.

“I ain want to lie pan nobody…but it real look fishy, watch every marning, not now, I live hay nearly three years and jus suh it does go, right, I does come out pan a marning, go, come back, in” Pierre said.

He is hoping to get some assistance from persons nearby as he attempts to build back his life.

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